Twiga Pottery Mixed Media Art (WOOD x CERAMICS) (Age 12+Adults)

4-Day Course
AGE 12+(Adults)

Twiga Pottery Mixed Media Art (WOOD x CERAMICS) (Age 12+)

4-Day Course: Dec 13-16 (Mon-Thurs)

Age 12+ (Adults welcome)

Mixed Media: Wood X Ceramics – Soup Ladle Set

Our nature provides a range of sustainable mediums and practices that can rejuvenate our connection with the organic world around us. In this course, students will be working with two primary resources, clay and wood, to develop their creativity and handcrafting skills through a range of mixed media projects. These projects will provide a platform for students to explore, experiment and develop their sensitivity towards the two mediums with the use of subtractive and additive methods. At the end of the course, students will learn to appreciate and use the gift of nature to create their own unique products and crafting experience.

Additional information:

1) In each workshop, a specific set of functional products will be crafted by students with guidance. Students will be encouraged to add their own design and decorative elements to their projects.
2) Adults are welcome to join the Soup Ladle and Spice Box workshops as they are open for age 12 or above.
3) The maximum class size for Soup Ladle and Spice Box workshops will be 10 people.
4) A minimum of 5 people to run the workshop

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This course is organised and instructed by Twiga Pottery

4-Day Course
Dec 13-16
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