STREAM Summer Explorer Day Camp (Age 12-15)

5 Day Camp
AGE 12-15

STREAM Summer Explorer Camp (Age 12-15)

5-Day Course: Jun 26-30





Forensic Science


Learn the SOP and analytical techniques by role playing as a forensic scientist


Ichthyological Society of Hong Kong Tour 


Experts from ISHK will be taking students for a tour of their centre, and conduct interactive learning activities for fish studies.

Lake Egret

Map Reading and Navigation Skills


Learn how to navigate around Tai Po Kau using a map and compass.

Lake Egret

Tai Po Kau Woodland Survey 


Learn about basic woodland floral and fauna species and then conduct a woodland transect survey.

Lake Egret

Mangrove Eco Study


Students will go into the mangrove area at Lake Egret to explore and discover about the ecology of the area

Lake Egret

Nature Aquarium Workshop


Students will learn about species present within the Mangroves and they will try to recreate the ecology within an aquarium

Lake Egret

Fish Farm Visit and Fisherman Culture Experience


Students will visit our fish farm at Tung A to learn more about the process of aquaculture, applications of technology and the culture of fishermen in the area.

Pak Lap

Butterfly Identification and Geo Survey


Discover the numerous butterflies species of Pak Lap and the unique hexagonal rock formations around the area.

Pak Lap

Aviation Experience


Learn about basic flight controls through a flight simulator and VR

Pak Lap

Minimum 12 registrations to run.

Camp Fees includes: Transportation from HKA to Pak Lap/Lake Egret, Meals, Learning Booklet Journal, Activity Equipment and Facilities, Instructor and Tutors.

STREAM Summer Explorer Day Camp (Age 12-15)

At STREAM Education, we integrate the disciplines of Science, Technology, Recreation, Engineering, Art and Maths. The STREAM Explorer 1 (non- residential camp) is a flexible programme that will take students to the beautiful location of Lake Egret and Pak Lap, discovering the ecological and cultural values of each locations whilst learning about basic survey techniques, species identification, history, map reading and navigation skills, and many more through interactive and experiential learning. We put a lot of emphasis on lifelong skills training during our programme, students will learn how to be responsible, respectful and develop a growth mindset that will equip them with the confidence, knowledge and skills to be successful in their future endeavours. 

Wait List

If the activity is full you may choose to add your name to a waitlist, this is done by emailing

This course is organised and instructed by STREAM

Jun 26-30
5-Day Course

Equipment, transport and lunch