HK Elite Volleyball Academy Summer Camp (Age 8-11)

Weekly Course
AGE 8-11

HK Elite Volleyball Academy Summer Camp (Age 8-11)

5-Day Course: Jul 11-15

Age 8-11

Our Summer Skills Camp is for all levels of volleyball players. This program aims to develop and sharpen players seven foundation skills – reception, setting, spiking, blocking, digging and serving.

In this Summer Skills Camp, we will strengthen fundamental movement skills, such as static jumping, body balance, moving ability, hand-eye coordination and catching by using an array of training drills and modified game-like drills. Also, we will focus on teaching correct posture of seven foundation skills, for example, how to pass, spike or serve the ball with correct posture etc.

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This course is organised and instructed by Elite Volleyball Academy.

Jul 11-15
5-Day Course
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